English Bihu Folk the World song Lyrics

Folk the world song Lyrics this beautiful song sung by Prakash Saikia and Khagen Gogoi. It’s an Assamese Bihu song, Star cast – Khagen Gogoi, Prakash Saikia & Kinnori Gogoi Release on Dec 2019.

 Folk the World song
Folk the World

Credit Folk the World song

  • Song – Folk the World
  • Singer – Prakash saikia, Khagen Gogoi.
  • Vocals – Prakash saikia /Khagen gogoi 
  • Star cast – Khagen gogoi ,Prakash saikia & Kinnori gogoi 
  • Lyrics /Music – Prakash saikia 
  • Direction – Prakash saikia & Mantu Das 
  • Choreography – Mantu Das 
  • Editing – Mrinmoi amik phukan 
  • Camera – Prabin Basumatary 
  • Music lebel – Youtube

Folk the World song Lyrics

Folk the World song Lyrics

Oye kampo konengo ( hey beautiful girl)
staring in to your eyes cause
I am in love
I didn’t know you will take
my breath away & Will                   
be raising my heart beat
so crazy 

But you never wanna show
me your world
Feels Like I am frozen & you never know.
I don’t wanna be the broken pieces
Don’t wanna be the broken hearted
And I am feeling a little bit hazy
Strange things are happening

I am drowning in your eyes
like an insane
I am drowning in your love
feels so amazing
I don’t know but I am feeling
like a facing a battle 

Cause you never show your feelings..
You can show me the way as 
you want
You can love me the way as
you want
I don’t care about anyone else
but you oh baby

But you should know that I 
need you..
I am never gonna give you up
oh baby
Please take all my love
Nothing is gonna come in our
way so 

Don’t keep me hanging on..
In Assamese ( bihu is so adorable 
Bihu is so honorable 
Bihu is the treasure of our heart) 
One day I will fly away ,you will
see that 

A Strange breeze will let 
you know
Everyday I am freaking 
out but 
You don’t wanna know 
People says that love is game 
A game you just can’t win 
But I am sure that season is 


And you are gonna love 
the wind 
I don’t wanna feel like 
l’m stranded 
You gotta get me
 outta here

 I don’t wanna be the 
last man 
standing & Don’t wanna be the 
lonely one If you 
could see my 
love for you girl 
you would never 
make me feeling so nasty yeah 
May be Im not 
worthy enough 

That’s why you never 
gonna pick me up 
I will try my best to make 
you my own 
ohho I just wanna be the 
one who makes 
you happy 

Don’t stop me 
oh baby mine 
I wanna be the one 
who raise your heart beat 
Don’t stop me 
oh baby mine 

Standing with a broken heart 
I am gonna fade away 
Day by day 
I am going down 
but You never show me
you care 

Will you be mine,
be mine …
be mine… 
baby Will you be mine, 
be mine

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